President – Glenn Summerfield
Vice President – Colin Williams
Treasurer – Garry Edwards

Barry Campbell
Jeff Alaban

Secretary/Manager – Glenn Midson

Mission Statement

The Shoalhaven Greyhound Racing Club endeavours’ to provide greyhound racing participants with a product that facilitates their hopes, memories and dreams.

We are committed to the promotion, development and encouragement of public interest in greyhound racing.

Our business embraces technological change to ensure operating efficiency and to provide integrity and confidence of our product to the consumer and stakeholder.

We strive to be innovative in developing the product that is attractive to the customer while benefiting all stakeholders within the industry.

Our organization is striving to become a leading greyhound racing business. In this respect, we will conduct our operations with due care and explore all opportunities that are available for the club to provide profits and growth that will ensure the organization’s ultimate success.

We continue to provide our staff with high levels of motivation, career development and rewards for outstanding performance.